We offer a wide variety of services to clients and contractors to ensure that responsible protection of the trees is provided. Unnecessary damage occurs to trees during construction, trenching for utility lines and irrigation systems, excavation, and bed preparation.

Ecosystems Management Co. understands how trees affect the value of your property. We can help you develop a comprehensive plan to protect and save your trees during and after these construction projects are completed.

We encourage you or your contractor to call us before construction begins in order to develop a plan for the protection and care of your trees.

Tree and Shrub Pruning:

Quality tree pruning is an art form that maintains the natural shape and characteristics of your specific tree species. We consider it a privilege to help you care for one of the most beautiful and valuable assets on your property. While pruning your trees, our arborists and crews evaluate the aesthetic goals for today as well as the goals for your plants long-term development. We are proud to offer our services to help you maintain healthy trees and to provide necessary solutions to your tree and shrub care needs.

Root Flare Exposure:

Most trees have unfortunately been either planted too deeply or had soil grades raised over their root systems. The natural root flare is not visible above the surface of the soil, which causes trunk decay, girdling (or choking) of the roots, and many other health problems as the trees mature. Our crews utilize a unique tool called an Air Spade to expose any trunk decay and remove girdling roots to prolong the life of your trees.

If you cannot see the natural root flare of your trees above the surface of the soil, please contact Ecosystems Management for a consultation of your tree needs.