Ecosystems Management Co. has specialized in building high quality, competitively priced fences throughout Houston and metro areas for over twenty five years. We have built every kind of fence and fence realted project imaginable, including wooden good neighbor fences, iron fences for pool areas, horse corral fences, stone retaining walls and so much more.

Surround your landscape with designer styles, providing you with a safe haven from the interruptions of the outside world while adding a decorative element and final touch to an already inspiring landscape. With a custom iron or cedar fence, our team can build to complete your sense of security and enhance your complete outdoor experience.
  • Decorative gates and fencing
  • Cedar fencing
  • Iron fencing
  • Ornate trellis and screening elements
Our work is done right the first time and we guarantee our work done. Both commerical and residential clients are served equally with top notch landscaping services.